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Kimhekim FW20

Updated: Apr 24, 2020

‘Amoureux Solitaires’ by Nouvelle Vague was the inspiration for Kimhekim’s most recent collection, according to the designer, Kiminte. Having previously worked for Balenciaga, Kiminte channels a similar energy to his previous employer. The South Korean designer notes that listening to Nouvelle Vague for the first time inspired him to channel “a gloomy yet romantic city where the Kimhékim girls stay dreamy and escape reality’s matters.” Kiminte’s audience in Paris, echoed this theme, with many of the fashion show attendees dressed in exaggerated platform boots, Matrix-like leather trenches, and pierced and mohawked faces.

The collection married everyday materials (like denim and tweed) with delicate materials like organza and tulle. He stayed true to his overarching brand themes that remain consistent in his collections, like his oversized organza bows. However, this season, he also used organza for other creations like small hearts that delicately covered the female models’ chests.

Another central theme to Kimhekim’s concept of “Elegance in minimalism”, as the South Korean designer puts it, was blazers. He explored dramatizing the staple pieces, using overly large and long sleeves. He even merged a look, create a blazer/cape look, that utilized oversized armholes.

The designer noted that this season, he harkened back to his Korean roots, using a ‘Hanbok’ (traditional Korean dress) aesthetic. He also channeled ‘Busun’ socks as inspiration, creating a modern version with leather, corduroy and fur socks, paired with sandals. Lastly, the designer played with asymmetry and contradictions, often using tulle against heavier fabrics like leather or latex. In one look, a model sported one thigh-high boot on one foot and a sandal on the other.

Since its launch in 2014, Kimhekim has continued to focus its concepts and signatures. Starting with its organza oversized bow pieces, but now branching to more accessories, Kimhekim continues to carve its way onto the fashion week stage.

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