During her time interning at WWD in 2019, Leila freelanced an article for the fashion publication, covering the Sotheby's auction of famous French artist duo, Les Lalanne.

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During her internship at the Biden Foundation's It's On Us Organization, Leila Roker freelanced for Civic Nation's Brand Page on She discussed her college experience abroad and reflected on how the topic of consent is different in a foreign country.

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Footwear News
Footwear News​

For two years, Leila worked as an active contributor to Footwear News. During which, she held interviews for Footwear News' Teen Table Talk and also was featured in Footwear News' March 2016 Issue.

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In efforts to diversify her body of work, Leila has written a few articles on the popular site, Medium. In this article, she focused on some of the recent controversies that have surfaced in the fashion world regarding race.

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Peacock Plume
Peacock Plume​

While acting as Deputy Editor of the American University's online student media platform, Peacock Plume, Leila covered an haute couture show for Fashion Week.

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Personal Inquiry​

After her third year in Paris and at the American University of Paris, for her video production class' final assignment, Leila chose a topic that has been an evolving one during her time here in Paris: her identity as a black woman abroad. She interviewed two of her friends to document their experiences, and what many women of color may also feel abroad.

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