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Dawei FW20

Dawei started their FW20 show on February 25, with cool, instrumental music, featuring a calm recital of herbs and colors. These relaxing herbs were reflected in their calming color palette for their FW20 collection. The herbal themes are especially fitting, considering Dawei has recently teamed up with Mádara skincare, which they generously gifted samples to take home for the audience Tuesday afternoon.

The Chinese designer channeled midnight blues into both Dawei’s outerwear and bottoms, including trousers and skirts. The models sported slicked back hairstyles, some of which were exaggerated to the point of being suspended in mid-air.

Many of the looks included various hints of blue shades, like periwinkle, and were paired with a khaki counterpart. Each look was finished with a platform shoe, ranging from laced clogs to boots in yellow, gray, blue and black.

Sun Dawei also channeled some of his classic pinstripes into his designs this season, opting for long silhouettes, with ruching near the chest.

Classic cable-knit sweaters were embellished with delicate trimmings of fringe, many of which were displayed tied around the model's neck, like a scarf.

Dawei also displayed some classic fall plaid for the FW20 show. With a concise amount of looks, Dawei focused on quality rather than quantity, and it shows. The elegant tailoring, attention to detail and meticulously picked colors were arguably some of the most appealing aspects of the show.

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