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Boyarovskaya FW20

This season, Boyarsavaya took a step into the future with a virtual reality display for their FW20 collection. In a small room off Rue de-la-Comte in Paris' 3rd Arrondissement, fashion lovers and digital enthusiasts alike gathered to view the deconstructed styles through the collaboration of designer, Maria Boyarovskaya, and fashion photographer, Artem Kononenko.

The showroom was filled with a diverse crowd of show-goers dressed in chunky platform boots, clutching their designer bags. In the middle of the showroom stood racks with Virtual Reality goggles hanging at the guests' disposal. Fátima Gonçalves, Boyarovskaya's PR rep, explained that the showroom was specifically designed to be a virtual reality experience and that this type of viewing was a first for the brand.

The brand's message through its presentation was that the individual exists in between two different realities, digital and substantial. In the substantial reality, we can only have one character, one personality, while in digital reality, we have the ability to create more than one personality, and through VR, we can create and house multiples versions of ourselves.

Viewers were handed an eye mask to protect the goggles from dirt and oils. Once putting the goggles on, observers stepped into the computer-generated world of Boyarsavaya. In the middle of the showroom, viewers explored the room in circles as to soak in the entire VR experience.

The collection maintained its resemblance to previous seasons. Leather garments, pencil skirts, deconstructed knitwear, and wool trench coats were sprinkled throughout the collection. At the front of the garment rack sat a muted yellow, patent leather trench coat with a lengthy embellished black belt, accompanied with silver hardware.

Outside of this patent leather trench, the collection revolved around dark tones, camels, and army greens. As you worked your way down, the two racks sitting in the back of the showroom featured deconstructed trench coats with two to three extra lapels embellished with silver paillettes. The knitwear included strategically placed slashed cut-outs.

Two bags were also featured in the FW20 collection.

The brand stated that their inspiration for this season, “comes from a collaboration with an artist, Leka who created the print under the influence of the movie, Psycho, which unfolds human multi personalities.”

After the VR experience, guests chatted and enjoyed curated drinks named “Psycho Passion” and “BloodBath”, a fitting touch with the Psycho theme.

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